Reliance Renewables is an international energy management solutions company. We specialise in designing and implementing renewable energy focused power solutions for both residential, commercial and industrial clients. 

We have supplied and installed clients Australia wide in both the domestic and industrial market. 

We specialise in the following: 

  • Supplying and Installing solar pv for residential, commercial and industrial clients.
  • Reliance Renewables has built a worth of relationships and partnerships with various energy retailers in different markets, this allows us to obtain and better the current energy tariffs how clients are receiving and building more value into our investments.
  • Supplying and Installing LED lights for both domestic and commercial clients, we have merged with the largest LED supplier in Australia, meaning we will always have the best and most cost effective equipment readily available. 

We pride ourselves on being a credible renewable retailer for our customers, we can offer life time servicing agreements behind our material, to instill confidence in both the longevity of our material and our name. 

Currently, the government is offering various energy rebates for both solar and LED. This allows us to present our consumers with the most advantageous investments that are available in the market. 

Client Work